Sunday, 8 April 2018

Glasgow Film Theatre.

I must admit that it felt a bit weird going to the Glasgow Film Theatre (or the GFT as it's known) to ask them about their plans for Autism Awareness month because as far as venues go it has to be one of the most all round disability friendly and inclusive places in the city, if not the country.

Autism friendly, closed caption, Take Two family events, dedicated disability friendly showings and genuinely brilliant and knowledgeable staff (amongst other things) all add up to make the GFT a perfect example of how a venue can tackle the issues of inclusion and get it right.

And the fact that it's a small cinema with charity status and a majority of volunteer staff makes it all the more remarkable.

The GFT: Cinema Paradiso.

Our podlings began their cinema education at the GFT when they were tiny so it does feel as tho' it's always been an Autistic friendly venue as far as we're concerned so if you're taking those first steps toward Autistic movie-going you'd be hard pushed to find a more accommodating cinema.

A brilliant venue that you should check out.

And before anyone asks yes I did badger the staff member on the desk with loads of questions (to which I kinda knew the answers) but didn't want to be accused of favouritism.

As another plus point it's the only venue that actually offered to give me an email address to get in touch with someone if I wanted to discuss it further.

All this walking and talking has been hard work which left me wondering, it's all well and good having these family friendly venues around the city but is there anywhere you thirsty Autie can grab a pint safe in the knowledge that the bar is Autism Aware?


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